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for startups: enjoy many benefits in

deep work spaces

get your single desk or separate office for 3,4, 6 or 8 people in one of the most central locations in Hamburg

sparring time

we are hear to listen, share and learn from each other. don't come if you are a "know-it-all".

your own

host your collaboration partners, showcase your idea or technology and leverage the momentum

mind opening time

regular events with advisors, sponsors, supporters, entrepreneurs, policy makers (post-corona ;-))


meeting spaces

conference room, communal space or the unexpected Holo.lab included

time saver

your own wifi/network, coffee, cleaning and many other things you should not worry about

for corporates: collaborate in our labs

develop solutions with our entrepreneurs!

We encourage all companies  to host their cooperation partners at

apoQlar and the Holomedicine Association for example host the Holo.Lab to redesign future medicine. Join them in their quest!

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